23. March 2021

La-Vis and Cesarini Sforza: a double start for daviso

When vines cry, it is a good sign: they are tears of joy, showing that spring is approaching and a new cycle of life is beginning. We at daviso may not be vines, but as communications professionals with many years of expertise in the wine sector, we undoubtedly have a closeness to these plants. And spring represents a time of new beginnings for us as well: we have the privilege of accompanying 2 new wineries from Trentino: Lavis and Cesarini Sforza! The first one is a historically grown, deeply rooted wine company, the other one of the flagships when it comes to first-class sparkling wines with the quality designation Trentodoc.

We are very pleased to support the two Trentino wineries as a 360-degree communication partner on the Italian market!

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