30. November 2020

Communication and CSR: Loacker invests in sustainable cocoa cultivation

While the world stands half still, the Loacker company is fully aware of its responsibility towards both the economy and society. In concrete terms, Loacker supports cocoa farmers and their families in Ecuador and the Ivory Coast, not only by offering fair prices. Through local partners on site, the company provides education and training to ensure that cocoa cultivation is environmentally friendly and suitable for future generations. This, allows the consumer to follow the cocoa bean’s path 1:1 to the finished Loacker product on the shelf.

Loacker’s two cocoa projects are therefore examples of social responsibility in action. We at daviso, as Loacker’s communication partners, delivered this message to the media not only through content creation but also in practical terms: the official press release, together with a brunch box from the Loacker Cafés, landed on the journalists’ doorstep. The news has been published in the most important print, radio and online media in South Tyrol. Because in challenging times two things are particularly important: flexibility and new ideas.

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