17. November 2020

Online events on natural hazards: how to inform citizens during corona times

Avalanches, landslides, floods: in mountain-regions like South Tyrol, natural events have a great impact on people’s living&working environment. However, knowing their potential danger is fundamental in order to be able to coexist and to be prepared to cope with them. That’s exactly when RiKoST comes in! This is an Interreg project that aims at promoting communication and to raise sensibility among the population that live in areas that are particularly exposed to natural hazards. In this framework, the Civil Protection Agency, Eurac Research and daviso, strategic and operational partner of the project, organized info-hours in 8 South Tyrolean municipalities. Due to Corona, which is also a natural phenomenon under certain aspects, the idea of citizens’ evenings turned into a series of online info-hours held on Zoom. This is what risk communication looks like in extraordinary times: stakeholders from public administration and research meet virtually with interested citizens in line with the project motto “Natural hazards – well informed, better protected”.

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