31. October 2020

LinkedIn, Social Selling, Lead generation: the communication belongs to employees

In these years LinkedIn has become an essential communication tool for companies: Social Selling, in particular, turns LinkedIn into a thriving network hub for the sales department. Employees can look for and interact with prospects, sharing information, data and presenting quotes with them. The goal of Social Selling is to align the marketing team with the sales team, through targeted content that increases leads and generates new potential business contacts. In this context, therefore, employees not only play the role of brand ambassadors but also become the first protagonists of communication and business issues, in a digital way.

Part of our work for Schöck is communication on LinkedIn: the team helps the German company to communicate digitally on this channel, helping national agents to become brand ambassadors and strengthening their online sales network with targeted and interesting content. An example? Our agent Sergio has conquered the specialized audience!

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