6. August 2020

Ruggeri: a new wine customer experience for the Prosecco pioneers

Ruggeri has just turned 70: this is not a point of arrival for Ruggeri, on the contrary, it is the beginning of a new route that includes a new wine experience for all wine lovers. Ruggeri offers new wine tours, opens the doors of the elegant Wine Shop at its headquarters in Valdobbiadene and presents a re-branding of the Classic D.O.C.G. line. Cantina Ruggeri also launches its Wine Club: an exclusive virtual community experience, the first of its kind in the Valdobbiadene area. Ruggeri’s 360° customer experience allows you to get to know its world either surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage hills or to live it in a virtual way.
We at daviso support Ruggeri in the national communication of the launch of these new initiatives. Are you curious to know more? Have a look at this article on Italia a Tavola

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