12. June 2020

Wine economy: whoever does not diversify, loses

Never bet only on one winning horse: those who want to emerge victorious from the crisis aim at diversification, and this applies in the wine sector as well. Even before the outbreak of the emergency, our client Cantina Bolzano had already developed its antibodies, thanks to the diversification in terms of sales channels and markets, and by placing its wines in the specialized wine trade, in the food trade and in the high end of gastronomy and hotel industry. During the lockdown phase, with supermarkets being the only source of incoming, this diversification strategy proved to be the best choice. Cantina Bolzano was able to expand its range of activities and this enabled it to enter the monopoly market in Norway. Our team accompanied Cantina Bolzano along the diversification path at regional and national level, thanks to its pluriannual expertise in wine communication.

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