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daviso: Financial Communication with rating “AAA”
Hypo Vorarlberg Leasing, Italian subsidiary of Hypo Vorarlberg, is a leading Leasing financier. In this sector, it is fundamental to gain trust through a clear, open and fresh communication in all channels: a communication created by daviso – the partner when speaking of financial communication and investor relations.
daviso’s digital-expertise at the “Innovation Day”
Digitalization is a buzzword for many companies. However, the big question is: how do we achieve the best digital-strategy? daviso’s managing director Eva Ploner explained which fields of action really matter during the “Innovation Day” organized by the Chamber Of Commerce Bozen, relying upon daviso’s long-standing expertise in digital transformation.
PiratinViaggio and daviso reveal the trends of 2019
The Travel Experts of PiratinViaggio unveil the 2019 travel trends. The most popular destinations are Greece, Amsterdam and the Dolomites of Trentino South Tyrol. The Pirates put their trust in daviso’s longstanding experience in press-office activities, to establish strong links to national online and offline media.
Wine-communication: the label as a pulser
When creating a label the design choice is an important matter but it is not the only one: with the right wording labels can awake emotions and inform at the same time. In this context, daviso supports Italian wineries by conveying the right emotional wording and functional connections between the offline and online world. How? Here’s the answer.
Content marketing for the creator of “Isokorb”
Brand awareness does not come from nothing. Schöck is well aware of that and this is why the creator of the thermal break elements “Isokorb” built a strong online and offline presence. daviso creates content for specialized press and recently for LinkedIn as well. in order To increase brand trust and visibility among planners and architects in Italy.
daviso and wine ambassadors: mission St. Magdalener
2 wine ambassadors united for THE Bozner classic: Leo Larcher and Federica Randazzo will soon put the spotlight on St. Magdalener wine during events and tastings in South Tyrol and beyond. They were introduced during a press conference developed and implemented by daviso, the official press office of the Consortium for the Protection of St. Magdalener.
daviso launches Subway’s “Fresh Forward” concept
Closer to all guests’ desires, a fresher design and modern restaurants: this is what “Fresh Forward”, the new concept of Subway, is all about. The very first Italian restaurant of this category has recently been opened in the heart of Bolzano. As national press office, daviso has guided the brand transformation process. Direction? “Fresh Forward”.
Hotel-positioning through wine know-how
The Valserhof hotel has a true passion for wine and inspires its guests with prestigious wines alongside its great expertise. daviso helps positioning the Valserhof among the top-wine-hotels in South Tyrol by creating a series of exclusive events, providing valuable wine-contacts and the right wording.
More protection through strategic risk-communication
daviso is proud to take part in a new project called RiKoST, in partnership with the Carinthian Government, EURAC Research and the Bolzano Civil Protection. The final aim? To increase risk perception of natural disasters among the population. Our team is developing a goal-oriented strategy for stakeholders’ communication and public affairs.
Internal communication: coffee break is not enough!
Communicating the brand externally is fundamental for businesses, but the corporate image comes through the people that work within it: if employees are motivated and engaged, they become brand ambassadors. In our article, we explain why business opportunities and results increase by planning activities with our team of communication experts.